Bio Bay Trips


Bio Bay Trips

WOW! Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Your eyes will not believe what they are seeing. The magic and beauty of our bioluminescent waters, where you can create your own special effects like in Hollywood with only touch the water with your hands, where fish can create the illusion of fireworks but underwater.

Mosquito Bay is considered one of the best worldwide for the higher concentration of our little florescent friends called dinoflagellates. These microorganisms enjoy the unique conditions of our bay and thus can live pleasantly in the waters. Magical nights begin with just the touch of your hands shaking the water activate bioluminescence of the microorganisms.

If you want to live the magical experience come and enjoy with Bieque Eco Trips and certified guides which will provide a more complete information and also can contemplate ( with clear sky) and learn about the stars, planets and constellations.


Clothing should be comfortable and that can get wet, long sleeve shirt , shorts , sandals and a towel to dry after activity . If you need insect repellents, please use natural products, free Deet, is very important to help preserve the life of the dinoflagellates and Eco – system. If you have any physical or health condition is very important for us to know it, to provide you a better service and you can enjoy the trip. No smokings, alcohol consumption, swim or dive in the bay.

**Bieque Eco Trips believes in family and eco -friendly activities so we accept Families with children 3 years and older**

** We work with small groups in double kayaks**

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